Prewitt Ridge

Not exactly a hike, but a wonderful camping experience nonetheless! Prewitt Ridge is located at the southern end of Big Sur and overlooks the Pacific Coast  or in our case – an endless sea of clouds as is expected for most of the year. To get there, you take a windy paved road until you get to another windy road; this one’s not very paved though, well, really it’s just dirt. Steep dirt at that. Hope you’ve got AWD and a good suspension! Also, try not to think about the fact that if you mess up, you will end up tumbling down a few thousand feet of shear cliff. Once you reach the ridge however, it’s a pretty damn chill time. We stopped just shy of the ridge in a wooded offshoot to get some privacy. Which worked out quite nicely as we had just that along with a great view. There was even a little path that led to our own little private cliff… with a view of King Claw!!! Only visible at night under a full moon, can you spot him? Anyway, this spot was dope and we had an excellent time chillin’ out for a couple nights,  cooking up some delicious camp food, and laughing our asses off with shared stories (exacerbated by tequila). Great vibes overall!